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What We Do

We are a third generation, family owned company, that has been in business for over 30 years. Located in California, we have had a large influence over the Emergency Response sector all over the West Coast and beyond. Our quality of work, dedication to safety, and commitment to our customers sets us apart from others in the industry.

We build any time of day, night, condition, or holiday

Our company performs meaningful work that has a big impact on ensuring people’s safety during times of distress and uncertainty. We specialize and excel in setting up emergency shelter camps that inhabit anywhere from a couple of hundred to thousands of people. Our basecamps come equipped with all of the proper resources needed to provide shelter for weeks, months, or even years.


We provide all aspects needed for a functional and seamless Basecamp, including a mobile kitchen / catering company!

Staging Yards

Sometimes a full scale basecamp isn't necessary, we also provide multiple options to fit smaller jobs such as laydown yards, material yards, rally points, or whatever else you have in mind.

Full Scale Basecamps

We offer all types of equipment to support your management team, with one phone call we can mobilize to your needs

Utility Company Support 

We offer a range of services including community resource centers, winter storm support, and the ability to build and staff several locations at once

Special Events

Whether you're planning a wedding, fundraiser, concert, or any other event - we have the people, knowledge, and equipment to help you succeed 

More than Just a Rental Company

By nature, emergencies are unpredictable and dangerous, and as such, we value time, quality, and safety more than anything else. Our goal is to provide consistent high quality work to our customers in a safe and timely manner. Through over 30 years of operation, we have developed systems and best practices that help ensure the consistent excellent service that we strive for.

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